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UL94, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60695-11-20

This draft free chamber, conforming to UL 94 requirements for the classification of plastic materials, is widely used throughout industry, especially in the electrical industry where it is used for the testing of electrical products. The test measures the burning rate of samples in either the vertical or horizontal position. Options are available to meet the following standards -IEC 60695-11-10, ISO 1210, 9772.3, 9773 and 10351; ASTM D635, D3801, D4804, D4986, D5025 and D5048: BS 2782 Methods 140A and B. FIRE offers an integrated package that enables you to perform these tests with ease.


  • Performs UL94 tests 94HB, 94V-0, 94V-1, 95-5V, 94VTM-0, 94VTM1 and 94VTM2
  • Instrument complies with the UL94 standard (excluding radiant panel testing)
  • Draft free chamber with volume greater than 0.5m3 to comply with latest standards
  • Bench mounted
  • Extraction system with variable speed fan and backdraft damper
  • Large area opening tempered glass window to allow easy viewing
  • Adjustable burner angle
  • Ergonomically designed access ports for sample and burner positioning
  • Integral control panel which includes:
  • Digital timer
  • Gas flow meter
  • Gas solenoid control switch
  • Gas flow indicator lamp
  • Interior light

Options available to test to the following standards

  • ISO 1210, 9772.3, 9773 and 10351
  • ASTM D635, D3801, D4804
  • ASTM D4986, D5025, D5048
  • BS 2782 Methods 140A and 140B
  • IEC 60695-11-20
  • IEC 60695-2-2